We at Diagnostocracy have a passion for health policy and want you to as well. However, we find it difficult to get a conversation going without a central place to gather pertinent medical news. Who has time to peruse the internet for the next cause of cancer, find the latest changes in loan reimbursement for medical residents, read a community’s success story in street medicine, or explore an issue in medical ethics? It is exhausting. But with all of the change that is happening to health care in a heavily polarized and politicized climate, we realize that it is important now more than ever to have an educated, purposeful, and effective voice for our futures.

Our purpose is to create a community for sharing ideas and challenging the ways in which we view medicine so that we can all be better together. Diagnostocracy is a blogcast by medical students. We hope that this offers the unique perspective of students responding to a rapidly changing environment and how they see themselves as a part of it. We also know that change cannot happen without relevance and a means to act, so every post will tie back to health policy in a way that reminds the reader of a need to stay engaged.

Thank you for stopping by! We hope you subscribe to our mailing list, check out the podcast, and follow us on social media. Diagnostocracy is curated by medical students Keifer Walsh and Ti Hoang, along with the support of various contributors. The views and opinions expressed on this website are our own and do not represent those of our home institution(s).